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Here at SS, we have had the privilege to come across many amazing Individuals and one of the most sweetest and down-to-earth guy’s we’ve interviewed is Zack Hardt.  Yes, he has the body and the looks, but his positive drive and mindset is enough to ignite anyone’s thirst for more.  Happy reading everyone 🙂


Vital Statistics:

Full name: Zack Hardt
Age: 26            
Birthday: 2-11-89
Hometown: Petaluma
Relationship status: Single
Profession(s): USMC Vet
Height: 6’2
Eye Colour: Hazel
Hair Colour: Dirty Blonde

Zack’s Favourites:

Song: Depends on the mood…so many possibilities.
Film/TV Show: Again, how can you choose just one?
Food: Sushi.
Sport (not including weight training): Motocross or Basketball.
Travel Destination: Warm water and beautiful Beaches.

Your fans, our followers, and of course us, are all especially keen to get to know the person behind the pictures; and although we have seen glimpses of your personality on your Instagram page, it has only whet our interest more.

So let’s get started…

I know WE all know who you are but how would you introduce yourself to the readers who aren’t familiar with you?


(SS) Describe yourself in five words?
(ZH) Optimistic.
(ZH) Driven.
(ZH) Humble.
(ZH) Calculating.
(ZH) Real.

(SS) What would you consider to be your best feature?
(ZH) My mind.

(SS) What is your number one priority?
(ZH) Being able to smile everyday. That entails many things, but taking care of those around me and loving whatever it is i have to do to survive is paramount…

(SS) What’s your greatest accomplishment, to date?
(ZH) Being a Marine.

(SS) What is the hardest decision you have ever made and what is the most valuable lesson you have learnt from this?
(ZH) Damn, you guys don’t mess around…I’ve made a lot of very difficult decisions in my life. Some of them regarding love, some family, and others were work related. None of them were much fun, but the most important thing I’ve learned is that you must stay true to who you are. If you don’t adhere to who you really are then happiness will always be fleeting, momentary. It starts with being honest with yourself.

(SS) Do you have a favourite inspirational/motivational quote/motto that you live by?
(ZH) I don’t think i have a specific quote, but I live by a few key concepts.
-What do I desire (context Alan Watts – if money were no object).
-You can be anything you want to be.
-You control your life.

(SS) What is the best advice someone has ever given you?
(ZH) Killing me with these questions. All of them could be a discussion of a few hours. I’ve had plenty of great advice, but one of the best was
“Take responsibility for your life”
We all like to brush off the blame, or point to anything other than ourselves when things go wrong. The truth is, we have control over our lives. If you are tired of the same things happening then the first step to changing it is taking responsibility for the shortcomings. Once I did this, it was easier for me to correct the mistake and move forward.

(SS) What did you want to be when you were younger?
(ZH) Professional Motocross racer or Basketball player.

(SS) Who is your hero or whom do you admire the most (Can be past or present, famous or someone you personally know) and why?
(ZH) I admire renegades. I have many people I admire. My parents are two of my heroes because they sacrificed so much for their kids. In general though, anyone who is truly themselves and goes against the grain. The entrepreneurs and the people chasing a dream, my hat is off to you. It takes such strength and bravery to step away from the crowd. To chase a dream and have everyone tell you it’s insane. Those are my heroes.

(SS) What is the bravest/craziest thing you ever done (in your eyes)?
(ZH) The craziest thing I’ve ever done? I’ve done all type of extreme sports, jumped motorcycles well over 100 feet, traveled at almost 200mph, been a Marine Scout Sniper and have gone skydiving. The craziest thing, however, was deciding that I will never have a normal job again. I will chase my dreams and struggle for the rest of my life over submitting to the norm, because I will never be happy that way. It is insane, though.

(SS) Have you got any secret/hidden talents that people would be surprised to know?
(ZH) I can play the Guitar?

(SS) What skill or ability do you wish you had and why?
(ZH) The ability to speak any language…there would be no barriers.

(SS) Can you cook, if so what is your signature dish?
(ZH) Marinated Salmon and pesto!!!





(SS) Did you always have the ambition to be fitness model?
(ZH) Not at all.

(SS) What prompted you to begin training and why?
(ZH) I’ve always worked out and been fit. Its just my lifestyle because I’ve always been an athlete. I’ve found that if you have a reason to workout more than simply working out, then you will have better results.

(SS) What keeps you motivated?
(ZH) Plainly, if I stop working out then my body hurts. I’ve had lots of injuries and I’ve found that the only way to stay young is to stay active. I like how my body feels when I’m in good shape. I like feeling light and agile on my feet and I love sports and being outside. The biggest motivator, though, is that /i deal with stress and all my bad energy by being active. All the things that pull me away from my goals have their own pull, or energy, and I just transfer it all to exercise. Helps me stay away from the bad stuff and get better in the process.

(SS) Besides the gym how do you spend a typical day?
(ZH) On my mountain bike or in the ocean! I’m in love with the water and I feel at home on two wheels.

(SS) What are your future ambitions?
(ZH) Where to start? I have a few business projects in the works right now and they are starting to produce, but ultimately I want to run a business that allows me to help those I care about the most.

(SS) If you could give advice to aspiring fitness model, what would it be?
(ZH) Never stop! The only difference between most of us and the few that “make it,” is that they never stop! Ever! Find whatever it is that makes you want it and never let that go. Every time you are faced with something that takes you away from your goal, hold it against it and see if it’s still tempting…



The Hypothetical questions:


(SS) If you could have any career besides what you do now (with no limitations of qualifications or locations) what would you choose and why?
(ZH) Motivational speaker. I know that sounds corny, but there are so many people out there that don’t think they are worth a damn and I want to show them that they are!

(SS) If your house was on fire and you could grab three things what would you take?
(ZH) My journal
(ZH) My computer
(ZH) Letters from the time in the military

(SS) If you could be a fictional character or superhero, who would you be and why?
(ZH) Wolverine…I’d do some yoga to deal with the anger issues and then just be awesome!!!
Then I could do anything and if I messed up, I’d just heal real quick and do it again!





(SS) What three things do you notice first/appreciate about in a woman?  
(ZH) Humility
(ZH) Sense of humor
(ZH) Independent

(SS) If money was of no object, what would be your idea of a Perfect Date?
(ZH) Free-diving in a tropical place, surfing, and enjoying the ocean all day. Food and drinks on the beach followed by coconut massages and …….

(SS) What is the most romantic thing you have ever done?
(ZH) Broken up with someone because I thought they would be happier with someone else…

(SS) Have you ever been unfaithful or had someone be unfaithful to you?
(ZH) I haven’t but I’ve had someone do it to me…And its not that I didn’t want to, I just ended the relationship instead of cheating.  If you want something else then you should talk to your partner and see if you two can remedy the problem. If you can’t then it’s time to part ways. The heart is a terrible thing to break, but at least you can still be friends on some level if you are both honest.


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