More than meets the eye: Sinfully Sexy’s Sam

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 Vital Statistics:


Name: Samantha Jane

Age: I’m now in the 25 to 34 box 😥

Birthday: 19th of June

Hometown: St. Albans, Hertfordshire.

Nickname(s): Sammy, Boo and Ham (older sister and baby niece couldn’t pronounce Sam and they stuck!)

Relationship status: Single

Profession(s): Nursery Nurse/ Teaching Assistant and teacher in training.

Height: 5’5.5″ (the half inch is very important- trust me lol)

Eye Colour: Hazel

Hair Colour: At the moment it’s light brown with dipped dark ends; however normally it’s a dark brown and naturally it’s dark blonde or it was about 15 years ago!


Sam’s Favourites:

Song: Depends on my mood, normally I love my fav song until I can’t stand it… But if I had to pick I would say “she’s like the wind” dirty dancing soundtrack.

Book: Gosh I read so much it’s hard to pick one.

Film/TV Show: Don’t think I have a fav film… But I’m not a fan of horrors films! I don’t watch a lot of TV but I loved Friends and it still makes me laugh hysterically now! And while I’m drawing if I have tv on for backing noise it’s on music or CSI shows.

Food: A really good roast!

Sport (not including scouting for men for the page): To play- tennis. To watch- rugby.

Travel Destination: I haven’t been out of England yet… But I would love to go to New York, and travel across the USA including going to Alaska and then Canada. I would love to go to Oz, Scotland, Ireland and somewhere covered in snow (other than Alaska) and a lovely beach with sea so clear I can see my feet… I have a small tiny thing about the sea!


(SS) I know some of the followers will know you as a quarter of the SS admin team but how would you introduce yourself to the readers who aren’t familiar with you?

(SJ) Hmmmm- well I’m @wildenglishrose aka Sam or Sammy if I’m tired of pointing out I’m a girl (yes I get a lot of people call me a generic slang word for a guy… Or rude pic or two thinking I was a man). I’m the crazy bit… Who came up with the idea of @sinfully_sexy and dragged my other three fellow admins, who are absolute legends and lovely ladies Kamelia, Leila and Rachel down with me! Well if you’re going to hell you may as well take some company with you, right?! If I met you in a public place and away from the page –  I probably wouldn’t speak I am actually really shy but I have been told it makes me look arrogant – which is the complete opposite! I could be the last person on earth and I could still find someone better than me! However if I was pushed to talk about me I would say I’m a nursery nurse, which I adore! IF you follow my personal IG account you would also know I am a massive quote and tattoo fanatic who adores reading and doing creative pursuits- like doodling. 


(SS) Describe yourself in five words?

(SJ) Weird- this is the one word I would sum me up in. BUT the other four would be – (I asked my best friend to help with these lol) imaginative, loyal, caring and thoughtful.


(SS) What would you consider to be your best feature?
(SJ) Personally- that I’m thoughtful and I try to be a good person/friend! 

(SJ) Physically- my eyes (again Kitty helped with these – I struggle with positives!).


(SS) What is your number one priority?

(SJ) My family; especially my daughter, making sure she is happy and well will always be my number one priority. Everything else falls away and always will, regardless of what it is. Nothing else matters except those closest to me. However when I say the word family it doesn’t just mean those I am related to by blood. I detest using the term blood but I can’t think of a better word. To me, family means those closest to you. I’m a firm believer in family doesn’t have to mean blood. You can have two types of family, those you’re born into and those you choose for yourself – your friends and if you’re really lucky sometimes you get both in one.  If I care about someone I’ll always do everything in my power to make them happy regardless of my own; including taking a bullet for them or giving up my life for theirs without even thinking about it – those people are my family and making them happy and proud will always be my number one priority.


(SS) What’s your greatest accomplishment, to date?

(SJ) My daughter.


(SS) What is the hardest decision you have ever made and what is the most valuable lesson you have learnt from this?

(SJ) Erm it was a very personal experience, far too personal to share with the world but I know I made the right decision I did.


(SS) Do you have a favourite inspirational/motivational quote/motto that you live by?

(SJ) Treat everyone how you want to be treated/ be kind to everyone you meet. It used to be what goes around comes around but I don’t think that is true anymore. Bad stuff seems to happen more and more to the good people, while the bad people seem to prosper. But I am a firm believer in being kind no matter what.


(SS) What is the best advice someone has ever given you?

(SJ) “It’s not about the cards you’re dealt, but how you play the hand.” This was something my dad told me when I was going through some really crappy times and it has stayed with me.


(SS) What did you want to be when you were younger?

(SJ) A journalist or a children’s author.


(SS) Who is your hero or whom do you admire the most (Can be past or present, famous or someone you personally know) and why?

(SJ) My dad. I’m a true daddy’s girl. He is, by far the most intelligent, wise and inspiring person I know. But he is also the most unselfish person you will ever meet and if I can take after him as a parent or person, in even the smallest of ways then I’ll be happy. I could go on and on about reasons but I won’t lol.


(SS) What is the bravest/craziest thing you ever done (in your eyes)?

(SJ) I’ve done a lot of stupid stuff but I wouldn’t necessarily say any of them were crazy and they definitely weren’t brave!  I think the bravest thing I’ve done is far too personal to share and was life changing!


(SS) Have you got any secret/hidden talents that people would be surprised to know?

(SJ) Hahaha I’m keeping them secret!


(SS) What skill or ability do you wish you had and why?

(SJ) I wish I could draw or write amazingly! Like really, really amazingly! Other than that, I wish I could do something that made a difference to a lot of people in a positive way!


(SS) Can you cook, if so what is your signature dish?

(SJ) I make a mean roast!




(SS) What keeps you motivated?

(SJ) My daughter and my family.


(SS) Besides posting pics of hot guys; how do you spend a typical day?

(SJ) running around like a headless chicken a lot of the time! On a normal day it’s work and mummy duties. I try to go to the gym as well and, in my downtime I like sketching, reading and sometimes writing or spending time with my family and friends.


(SS) What are your future ambitions?

(SJ) To be happy! That is first and foremost.  I want to finish my teacher training and I’d like to write a novel and maybe meet a hot cover model 😉 I would also love to take this SS page somewhere big.


(SS) If you could give advice to aspiring fitness models or anyone what would it be?

(SJ) Work hard, stay humble and be kind! Especially the last two!Remember  who you are and surround yourself with people who care about you – the real you, this is more for when you get big. People love to love you when you’re  having good times but it’s the people who will be there when you’re a nobody or going through bad times that you want around you all the times.


The Hypothetical questions:


(SS) If you could have any career besides what you do now (with no limitations of qualifications or locations) what would you choose and why?

(SJ) The author of the next big bestselling saga! Then I can choose which famous people are going to be in the film haha.


(SS) If your house was on fire and you could grab three things what would you take?

(SJ) Okay I’m going with things that aren’t alive because obviously those would be the first things I’d save! Then it would be my glasses so I can see my way out! My phone because as much as I’d love the peace and quiet I’d need it to contact family and tell them I’m okay – I can only remember my own number and my family home number that’s it! So I’d need my phone to contact everyone. I’m not sure what else I would save! My laptop? My art stuff? A jumper? My mind hurts trying to think what I’d grab!


(SS) If you could be a fictional character or superhero, who would you be and why?

(SS) Female Fictional character:

(SJ) Bella Swan; just so I can choose the one she should have picked – Jake!

(SS) Male Fictional character:

(SJ) Hmmm I dunno about this one.

(SS) Female Superhero:

(SJ) Wonder Woman! She has it all! All the skills and abilities plus she looks fab!

(SS) Male Superhero:

(SJ) Iron Man maybe or Superman.


(SS) Which fictional character / superhero would you want to date?

(SJ) Travis Maddox (beautiful disaster) or Jacob Black maybe a mix of the two… Or Wolverine – I like real men; you know proper manly guys, guys who don’t mind getting dirty or sweaty who work hard and fight for what they love; instead of flashy ones.




(SS) What three things do you notice first/appreciate about in a guy?

(SS) Notice:

(SJ) Smile, Eyes, Appearance.

(SS) Appreciate:

(SJ) Sense of Humor, Attitude and Morals.


(SS) What is the funniest pickup line you have ever heard or has been used on you?

(SJ) Haha I don’t really get chatted up but friends have told me some really naff ones! Including some random guy asking my cousin who was on her hen do, if she wanted to dump her ‘husband to be’ and give him a try.


(SS) If money was of no object, what would be your idea of a Perfect Date?

(SS) Day:

(SJ) The zoo! Or exploring a somewhere new.

(SS) Night:

(SJ) I’m a simple girl like I simple things as long as the company is good I wouldn’t mind where or what we did.


(SS) What is the most romantic thing you have ever done?

(SJ) it’s not really romantic but I listen and pay attention to small things and then like to surprise people with things I know they will.


(SS) Have you ever been unfaithful or had someone be unfaithful to you?

(SJ) To me yes but I’ve never done it.  I don’t believe in cheating. I’ve been with someone I’ve no longer been in love with anymore and have been trying to end things for a while but I still didn’t and wouldn’t cheat. I believe you should always end things before starting anything new. There is never any reason that justifies cheating on someone. Ever. I also believe if you have to hide something from your partner then that is just as shady as cheating. I’m quite big on honesty; you don’t have to tell me anything just don’t lie.


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