More than meets the eye: Michael Thurston


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Michael Thurston (MT), 24,  is a personal trainer and co-owner of Aurora Athletic Gym, based in Newcastle, England.  Mike models in his free time, competes in Bodybuilding shows and has one book cover under his belt (with more in the pipeline).  Mike entered his first World Bodybuilding and Fitness competition in the Summer of 2014, and came third place in the Muscle Model category after a last minute switch from the Fitness Model category.  He grew up in Leeds, before moving to Newcastle to study Economics and Business Management at University.

Michael is currently one of the hottest (in both senses of the word) Aesthetic models, and although it may seem as if he has become an overnight sensation due to his gorgeous grin, massive muscles and perfectly sculpted body, it has been down to his  training and discipline since he was in secondary school.

With a continuous growing fan base, it is easy to see why Thurston has the world at his feet already.  However,  other than what we have been privy to on his social media pages, we don’t know much about who he is off camera.  Therefore when we asked you, our Sinfully Sexy (SS) followers, who you would like us to interview, we were inundated with requests for this bluey green eyed six foot hunk.

We were lucky enough to interview Mr. Thurston (unfortunately not in person – we are saving that for May if we can persuade him) to find out who the man with that incredibly long tongue is, what he does in his spare time, his likes and dislikes,  Women, and generally what makes him tick!

Read on to find an in-depth interview with our favourite Northern Boss! We’ve received loads of questions to ask him on your behalf including some personal ones; although how personal depends on the man himself, since you guys sent in some pretty racy enquires!


 Vital Statistics:

Full name: Michael George Thurston
Age:  24
Birthday: 09/08/1990
Hometown: Leeds, UK
Nickname(s): Mikey T, Mike. My dad called me Pikey (Don’t ask why- MT- Oh but we really want to know… a tad bit scruffy as a kid were you?-SS)
Relationship status: Single
Profession(s): Director/Personal Trainer/Online Coach
Height: 6ft
Eye colour: Bluey Green
Hair colour: Brown

MT’s Favourites:

Song: That will completely depend on my mood. Apparently ‘Dr Dre – The Watcher’ is my top played song on itunes at the moment.
Film/TV Show: No favourite film/Lost.
Food: Burger. A real one, gourmet style with sweet potato fries.
Sport (not including weight training): Used to love basketball.
Travel Destination: Winter – Skiing in Austria. Summer – An untouched coastal paradise.


Your fans, our followers, and of course us, are all especially keen to get to know the person behind the pictures; and although we have seen glimpses of your personality on your Instagram page, it has only whet our interest more.

So let’s get started…

(SS) I know WE all know who you are but how would you introduce yourself to the readers who aren’t familiar with you?
(MT) Taint is actually a true story based on me…. Haha no I’m kidding. I would say, “Hello there, the names Thurston, Michael Thurston…” Ha! I’m from a humble background, loving family, brought up surrounded by a lots of great friends. I went to Newcastle University to study Economics & Business management, then worked a number of jobs after that (including a manager at Hollister for one year) until myself and my partner (Kyle Patterson) set up a personal training company in 2013. We opened up a gym (Aurora Athletic) in 2014 in Newcastle, and I’ve been based there ever since.


(SS) Describe yourself in five words:
(MT) Weird, proud, driven, kind, ambitious.

(SS) What would you consider to be your best feature?
(MT) Probably my chest.

(SS) What is your number one priority?
(MT) Making sure I know what my current priorities are! Each week I tend to sit down, think and plan the week ahead. Priorities will change each week.

(SS) What’s your greatest accomplishment, to date?
(MT) That will depend on what you define as an accomplishment. To me, opening a gym, being my own boss and pursuing a career I genuinely enjoy is my greatest accomplishment so far.

(SS) What is the hardest decision you have ever made and what is the most valuable lesson you have learnt from this?
(MT) I won’t elaborate on this too much, as it’s quite private. When Aurora Athletic started, there were more people involved than just myself and Kyle. That wasn’t a great time. The lesson from this is, be very careful about going into business with friends. It doesn’t always work out to be the fairy tale venture you originally planned. Relationships will always change.

(SS) Do you have a favourite inspirational/motivational quote/motto that you live by?
(MT) Live Love Laugh.

(SS) What is the best advice someone has ever given you?
(MT) Do what makes you happy (couldn’t agree more with this!-SS).

(SS) What did you want to be when you were younger?
(MT) At a very young age I thought I would be a world famous sprinter, or rugby player. In my teens I then decided I wanted to be my own boss and have my own business, but I had no idea what it would be.

(SS) Who is your hero or whom do you admire the most (Can be past or present, famous or someone you personally know) and why?
(MT) My dad. He’s had a tough life, lost his parents, wife and brother, works hard at his full time job and still found the time to bring me and my brother up as a single parent. Even though he’s been through a lot he still keeps a smile on his face and remains one of the nicest and positive people I know. I think that’s had a huge effect on who I am today. Had I been brought up around negative people who didn’t support me I’m sure I wouldn’t be where I am today.

(SS) What is the bravest/craziest thing you ever done (in your eyes)?
(MT) I think a lot of crazy things have happened when I was younger and under the influence of alcohol. I’m sure there’s a few of my close friends who have some interesting stories to tell, none of them have anything to do with bravery!

(SS) Have you got any secret/hidden talents that people would be surprised to know?
(MT) I can make a really loud noise with my tongue. I can also wiggle my ears. (I think we need video evidence of both of these please Mike! – SS) I also have a huge lower back. The muscles are just freakishly big, it looks wrong. That’s not a talent but when you see it you’ll be like what the hell! (We need proof of this too hehe!- SS).

(SS) What skill or ability do you wish you had and why?
(MT) The ability to accumulate knowledge from other people. All these successful individuals who are leaders in their field of expertise, with the click of a finger, I would know everything they know. The ability to remember everything I read and see would be cool too.

(SS) Can you cook, if so what is your signature dish?
(MT) Chilli Con Carne or Chicken Curry. I also make a mean burger.





(SS) Your degree is in Economics and Business management, did you always have the ambition to run your own Gym or Business?
(MT) Yes, my own business definitely. I spent years pulling my hair out trying to think of ideas that would make millions. I was miserable at my old job, so I came to the conclusion that it would need to do something that enjoy and have a genuine interest in. So something revolving around health and fitness was the answer.

(SS) What prompted you to begin training and why?
(MT) I have no idea. It was an urge that came over me during my teens. I’m sure most of it had to do with looking good and getting girls to start off with. Whenever I worked out in my school gym I loved the pump I got. I had no idea what I was doing but being the lucky bastard I am (genetically) I put muscle on pretty quickly.

(SS) What keeps you motivated?
(MT) Everything. My appearance, my health, smashing goals, challenging myself, being the best version of me that I can be, being strong, the fear of becoming old and immobile, my business, my following, my competitors, everything!

(SS) Besides the gym how do you spend a typical day?
(MT) Looking in the mirror or taking selfies. No that’s a joke. During the week I’ll be up around 8am, drive to my studio and do some form of light cardio. Grab a coffee, sit at my desk and crack on with work. In Between that and the end of the day I’ll train my clients, workout, eat, maybe record the workout and take a selfie or two (I know, I know) and try and learn something new which I didn’t know at the start of the day.

(SS) What are your future ambitions?
(MT) I have so many that it actually scares me. Scares me in the sense that I won’t be able to accomplish all of them. Maybe they are unrealistic but I think if your ambitions don’t scare you you’re not aiming high enough. I would like to be very well known for what I do first of all. I want to educate, motivate and inspire people. Basically try to make the world a better place. I would like to set up further businesses and go into partnership with other ambitious people and create or become a part of new businesses… Basically have my fingers in a few pies. I would like to own a gym abroad and definitely own a number of properties all over the world. Getting a few major clothing/fragrance campaigns would be awesome too. People have mentioned acting and that I should try that out, but I’m not too sure (we could see you on the big screen- magic Mike 3 maybe? – sorry went into daydream mode haha! – SS) The clock is ticking I know, so I’ll maybe get a few acting lessons under the belt and see whether or not I enjoy it. I can see myself being in a big blockbuster film, but getting yourself on screen is not as easy as it seems.

(SS) If you could give advice to aspiring fitness model, what would it be?
(MT) Fitness modelling alone is not a fulfilling and reliable career! There’s little money in it too and the jobs can be very inconsistent. Fashion modelling is where it’s at, but you need to face for that, and you can’t be too big/bulky. I would say sit down, plan, and LEARN as much as you can as soon as you can. Figure out what it is you enjoy (if it’s getting your picture taken you need to get a life) and do everything in your power to make you better at what it is you enjoy doing, in the pursuit of making that your future career. Read books, YouTube tutorial videos, audiobooks, podcasts, meet and learn from successful people and implement the lessons into your own life.


The Hypothetical questions:


(SS) If you could have any career besides what you do now (with no limitations of qualifications or locations) what would you choose and why?
(MT) Probably to be the coolest and most respected actor on the planet. I also love what the photographer Clark Little does (massive fans already! Links are at the bottom so you guys can check him out to- SS). Look him up, I could happily do his job for the rest of my life (snap!- SS).

(SS) If your house was on fire and you could grab three things what would you take?
(MT) My hard drive, laptop and mobile. I don’t really have any sentimental items in my Newcastle home. Everything valuable is in data form. I have over 5,000 songs and thousands of photographs which I’ve accumulated over the years. I would be devastated if I lost them.

(SS) If you could be a fictional character or superhero, who would you be and why?
(MT) Iron Man. He’s a Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist. (Impressive choice! We asked each other this question… But that’s for another day!- SS).





(SS) What three things do you notice first/appreciate about in a woman?  
Appearance (I know shallow, but I’m being honest!), ability to hold a conversation and gain my interest, intelligence/ambition.

(SS) What is the funniest pickup line you have ever heard or has been used on you?
(MT) It’s not a pickup line but this has happened to me a few times before. I’ve been in a nightclub and on more than one occasion I’ve been approached by girls who have started talking to me out of the blue, chatting to me as if they know me. Shortly into the conversation I have asked if we have met before. They respond “yes, it’s me from tinder” (or whatever dating website/app they’ve been using). I don’t use dating sites/apps, so obviously this person has been talking to someone who has been using my pictures. I laugh, explain to them what’s happened and bask in the awkwardness for a moment. They gave it a courageous 2nd shot in the dark, but I wasn’t interested.

(SS) If money was of no object, what would be your idea of a Perfect Date?
(MT) Dinner on an empty beach + sunset + camp there for the night. Obviously it would be the best food, most beautiful beach, perfect sunset along with the most luxurious beach tent you can think of.

(SS) What is the most romantic thing you have ever done?
(MT) That’s a secret.

(SS) Have you ever been unfaithful or had someone be unfaithful to you?
(MT) Both. I was unfaithful in my first relationship when I was 16. I was really drunk and a  girl took advantage of me in my vulnerable state. I learnt a valuable lesson from it though. I felt terrible after it the morning after. I told my girlfriend straight away and I hated seeing her face and how it made her feel. It’s hard to trust someone after they have been unfaithful. In all my relationships since I’ve never been unfaithful, nor will I ever be. If you are or plan to cheat, there’s no point in being in that relationship. Just end it (here, here! -SS).

(SS) Last question: It could be said that ‘Sinfully Sexy’ started because of you; how does that make you feel?
(MT) Pretty damn special! Thanks!


Useful links:

Michael Thurston:


Aurora Athletic Gym:
FB: auroraathleticofficial
Twitter: @AuroraAthletic
IG: auroraathletic


Clark Little:

All pictures are the property of Mike Thurston, or where identifed Chris Davis @specular

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  1. Wow!!! He seems to be genuine and a very nice guy. So sorry to hear his mom passed away. You should have asked him if he can dance. Who ever winds up with him is one lucky girl!!!!!!

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